Thursday, October 13, 2016

Something fun for my newsletter subscribers =)

I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm getting my newsletter spruced up and ready to go soooooon!
You can get a little taste of it from my banner below. My monthly newsletter is called Hidden World and it's going to have fun stuff: book excerpts, giveaways, and secret behind-the-scenes info.

I'm going to send out this month's issue in a few days, so you still have time to sign up!

This month, I'm giving away a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD of my new novella, CURSED to all my subscribers.

Below is a brief synopsis of CURSED, which is a prequel to my novel, FEAST: Harvest of Dreams.

Hunting has grown sparse in 1898, a result of the Industrial Revolution. In a desperate quest for survival, Ash and Lily—a husband and wife team of shape-shifting Darklings—break the rules and hunt in an uncharted, backwoods, mountain community. The danger is great, for here the wild Darklings band together to fight trespassers.

But Ash discovers an even greater danger lurking at the train station where the hunt begins—a delicious nine-year-old boy.

Up until now his wife, Lily, has always been able to follow the basic Darkling rule: Never hunt a human younger than twelve. But she hasn’t eaten in weeks, and when a nine-year-old boy steps off the train, she can’t hold her hunger in check. With an unspoken plea, she manages to convince her husband to join her on a lawless and deadly hunt--

A hunt that will bring an unholy curse upon them all.


Sounds like spooky-good fun, doesn't it? And right before Halloween.

Also in my newsletter, I'm going to reveal a BEHIND-THE-SCENES SECRET FROM LOST GIRLS. (Yay!) Plus, one of my subscribers will be getting a free signed copy of FEAST: HARVEST OF DREAMS. The winner will be chosen using and will be announced in the newsletter.

Meanwhile, you can sign up for my newsletter RIGHT HERE.

So, have a great week and I hope you're counting down the days until LOST GIRLS releases. I know I am! JANUARY 3, 2017. That's when the "FIGHT CLUB meets BLACK SWAN" party gets started! Stay tuned for updates on blog tours and launch parties and fun giveaways or—wait—if you're one of my newsletter subscribers, YOU'LL FIND OUT ALL THE SECRETS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!


  1. Subscribed. Thanks for the free download :-)

  2. Thanks for letting me know it worked! Yay!! And thanks for signing up. =)